7 Ways to Save Money on Cell Phone Plans

There was a time when the last thing that people had on their mind were cell phone bills. However, those days are long gone and now cell phones have become an important part of everyone’s life. We can’t do without them and therefore we have made them part and parcel of our monthly bills. However, cell phone plans can rake up quite the monthly bill and anyone would want to avoid these high costs. Here are 7 ways to save money on cell phone plans.

Choose your Carrier Wisely

To begin with, you should shop around for a good carrier. Long contracts might seem relatively cheaper, but they end up locking you to outdated devices and higher costs in the long run. Don’t overlook smaller carriers; most small carriers provide equally if not better cell services compared to the big 4. Other companies like Straight Talk have promotions on all cellphones and sim cards.

Also when getting a new phone, don’t go for the ‘hottest’ or ‘flashiest’ phone. Get the previous hottest phone, because its price will have likely dropped by half.

Do you Really Need that Cell Phone Insurance? 

The cell phone company rep will undoubtedly try to talk you into buying insurance when getting a new phone. This will mean paying $8 to $10monthly for something that you might never need. Also, by the end of your contract the value of your phone would have significantly decreased meaning that you will need a new device. A good compromise is to get the insurance in the beginning, but cancel it towards the end of your contract.

Don’t Pay For Tex Messaging 

Cell phone plans might draw you in with the promise of unlimited text messaging, which will often be bundled in costlier plans. You don’t need to pay for text messaging. There are a number of messaging services that you can easily and conveniently use free of charge over WiFi connections.

Get Family Plans

Family plans with sharable data and minute packages tend to be more cost effective. It is important to determine your family’s cell phone use before opting for these plans. They are best suited for families that need cell phones for occasional calls.

Do not Auto-Pay Bills

Opt to receive your phone bill in the mail or through email. This will help you scrutinize it for any wrong charges that you can dispute. It also helps you to analyze your monthly usage and adjust payments on data/minutes/text messaging appropriately.

Use Skype More Often

Skype is a good cost effective way of calling and video chatting. Over WiFi network it is practically free of charge. This will save you costs off calls on your cell phone. You can download the Skype app on your phone to always have it on the go.

Surf Wisely

Data use forms a bulk of monthly cell phone bills for most smartphone users. You have to be very careful how you surf to avoid raking up a high bill. Use WiFi connections where available to save your phone data. Don’t stream videos/music using your phone data. Also carry out phone updates over WiFi connections.