Five best ways to find the cell phone number

In this century, we can’t find a person without a cell phone. Increasing usage of cell phone has led to lots of crimes. One such is harassment. Tracing or finding a number is required for anyone who is in the condition to find a call from an unknown number. It is not only the work of the cop to trace the number. Sometimes we too have a need to trace a number. The following are the best 5 ways to trace a number.

Using free service:

Since the technology has been well developed, we can utilize the technology to track the number for free. The following are the options available to find the number from which you had a call or the number you want to know

  • Calling: It is the simplest option. Make a call and ask politely who the person is. You can also opt to call from another number.
  • Search engine: If the person registers or updated his/her number on the internet either in the profile or in some websites you can get it with the help of search engine. It includes social networking sites also.
  • Public db: Search in the U.S white pages, or utilize some search engines to find the public db to find the number which is available for free of cost.

Using Paid service:

            If you can’t find the number using the free service or you want to make sure whether the number you find using the free service provider belongs to the person is shown in the result. You can opt for paid services available

  • Reverse mobile database: Even though this strategy helps you be aware of the scam behind it and provide false info to obtain the details of the number. Choose the service with the help of the reviews available. Pay the charges only after getting the information.
  • Private investigator: This option will help you the most even if you can’t find the info with the help of the above methods. Hire an investigator to investigate about the holder of the number. It may be a bit expensive. So think before choosing this option.

Call return service:

Use last call return services which can be purchased from the provider. It may require some fee. The charges and code varies depending on countries. In some region call return service is available automatically. 

Use call trace/trap:

When you receive unwanted calls request your service provide to activate any one of the services as per your requirement. Call trap which is mostly free function helps in the way when you provide the date and time to the provider and in case of call track the number will be automatically reported to the law enforcement. 

GPS tracking APP

Any mobile with a GPS chip can be tracked. It may have some charges. Use app hider to get the info without permission. You can track you mobile with the help of the computer.